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I have been contacted by this guy on FB, who claims I can mine BTC on SlushPool. So he says that I have to have wallet. He says that it is best to have about 200$ worth of bitcoin in my wallet. Then my wallet would be connected to the ASIC of the antminer for synchronisation, to aid mining... An ASIC is a chip designed specifically to mine bitcoins - Application specific integrated circuit... LOL, he also claims that this way I can mine about 60% of my wallet holdings...

I mean I dont always charge to put my money where Im not fammiliar or where I dont know. But What do You think? I tried to google some reviews about SlushPool. Found some good reviews, even on this forum... Please advice...
I mean he doenst tell me to pay someone or somewhere.. He just says i should buy BTC and connect ASIC...
Im a noob on this..
My only experience with crypto is flipping, so... Yeah...


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